We’re proud to keep working to support key workers

Envirotech, the UK design, build and maintenance services provider, remains committed to meeting essential client requirements during the UK’s response to Covid-19.

Envirotech chairman Paul Harrison, explained: “It may not be initially obvious why we have continued to remain open for business during lockdown, however our team plays an essential role in facilitating key workers in delivering their roles.

“For example, Envirotech delivers mechanical and electrical services within a building in London from which a government department provides crucial information in terms of tracking the impact of Covid-19 across the UK. It is no exaggeration to say that if our teams don’t provide these services to the building, then the people working within would not be able to perform their task. In addition, we work with banks and insurance companies that have been classified as key worker activities by the government and our teams have continued to support these businesses throughout the lockdown

“However, it’s not just about us maintaining buildings that are currently operational, as we also have to ensure preparedness for when organisations return to work after lockdown is lifted.

“A building that has experienced low occupancy for three months requires a series of essential checks before staff are able to return and it is organisations such as ourselves who are undertaking these checks. For example, will be testing water quality and safety, ensuring fire alarm systems are verified and operational, checking electrical distribution and reviewing pest control measures, as infestation can quite easily occur in these circumstances.

“When you consider that the number of buildings that Envirotech will be required to prepare could run into the hundreds, then it becomes clear the level of work that we need to put in now to ensure that this can be delivered efficiently to allow businesses to reopen as soon as they are permitted.

“All of this is in addition to the cleaning requirements within these buildings for touch-points such as door handles, grab rails and access control buttons, while we’ll be looking to implement guides within lifts for where people need to stand and which direction to face in order to ensure safe distancing practices.

“Cleaning will also include industry-leading practices such as Electrostatic Disinfecting, which quickly and evenly coats a surface with a solution in the process providing a broad-spectrum approach to disinfecting an area and even an entire room. It is this expertise and know-how, along with the passion of our people, that encompasses The Envirotech Way and enables us to provide practical solutions for our clients.

“To enable us to deliver all of these essential services we have managed to avoid direct furlough for 94% of Envirotech colleagues and have recorded zero redundancies relating to Covid-19. To ensure safe working practices for our teams, we have taken steps to go above and beyond the requirements as stated by government to allow safe working. This has included the introduction of a one-way system around live projects underway in offices and on the stairs to ensure no incidents of passing, having designated toilets for each member of staff and introducing staggered start times, lunch hours and tea breaks. Where operatives cannot avoid being within close proximity to each other, such as fitting equipment that requires two people, then hazmat suits have been provided to be worn at all times.

“It has been extremely gratifying for me personally to witness the ‘can do’ attitude that our exceptional colleagues have demonstrated in adapting to these circumstances and as a business we’re proud to keep working to support key workers as we start to deploy our building readiness programme.”