Wood Norton Hotel

Wood Norton Hotel

Sector: Hotel, Leisure and Apartments

Work elements: Mechanical, electrical and air conditioning.

Period of works: July – October 2012

Total time span: 16 weeks

Project value: £949k

Overview: Refurbishment of 16th century historic hotel, associated buildings new bedroom block and conference centre, including new electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning installations. Sympathetically install 38No Mitsubishi electric VRF units throughout the hotel which were generally within public areas, the floor mounted chassis units; are installed within bespoke cabinets with the services to each unit being installed through the cellars and beneath the floors for concealment.

On the first floor, the ducted fan coil units are concealed within divan beds with all services hidden within the building fabric. On the second floor, the units are ducted FCU’s installed in the lost space.

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