Envirotech Group go back to School


  • Envirotech Group completed a further series of school plant room refurbishments over the last summer shut down period.
  • School sites located nationally, 3 projects programmed to commence on the first day of the end of the school term and completed ahead of the programme in time for Autumn school start. 6-week turnaround.
  • Again, proving Group mantra ‘design, build, maintain’. All projects D&B, installed, commissioned and extended to include maintenance.
  • Challenging projects due to minimal programme time and essential completion dates. Schools frequently hold summer activities which need to factor into project risk management.
  • Projects include asbestos removal, equipment strip out, plant space preparation and installation of new boiler plant, associated pipework, controls and electrical installations.
  • Ventilation utilising high-efficiency mechanical ventilation heat recovery and extract systems.
  • 3 x 6 Week Programme
  • Over 5,000 accident-free site hours
  • On Budget & On Programme


Project Details

Envirotech is appointed as the principal contractor to provide a design and build a solution for boiler and plant replacement. The individual projects consisted of dilapidated plant rooms with a failing boiler plant. Generally, all equipment is removed and stripped back to an outgoing connection point for existing services. This phase usually consists of asbestos removal and treating of walls and ceilings for encapsulation. Builders work consists of preparing plant bases, making good any dilapidation and forming new penetrations for ventilation and flue installations. The new plant is installed with best layout and configuration and controls are updated to offer best control and efficiency.

Project constraints

Coordination and management of trades across various national locations are key to ensure each project commences and completes on the same dates.

Each school project presents unique challenges regarding summer period activities, restricted access to plant rooms and difficult logistics for the removal and installation of the new plant. With school term dates being nonnegotiable each project must have certainty of completion on the programme. We also ensure building managers are familiar with new equipment and control strategy. Full support for schools is ensured during initial term start and Envirotech FM continues the support under ongoing maintenance agreements.