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The Armstrong Siddeley Energy Centre


  • Envirotech Group have completed The William Morris & Lanchester Library Energy Centre for Coventry University 
  • 3No 720Kw Hoval Gas Boilers
  • 140kW Bosch CHP & Heat Rejection Unit
  • 2No 20,000 Litres external thermal stores
  • 2No 317kW Mitsubishi Chillers
  • 4no Enwa Side Stream Filtration Units on both LTHW & CWS
  • 2no Automatic system de-gassers
  • 21 Week Programme
  • Approximately 90 Variations to Programme
  • Nearly 20,000 accident-free working hours. 
  • On Budget & On Programme


Project Details

Envirotech were appointed as the Main Contractor to provide a turnkey solution. The project was completed over a 21-week programme to coordinate with the Universities summer break with a critical ‘heat on’ date to ensure zero disruption.

The scope included a full strip out and installation of 3 boilers, 2 new chillers, 1 CHP, all associated pipework, pumps and controls. The new Energy Centre feeds district heating circuits to several campus buildings including the Lanchester Library.

The temporary heating plant was provided from April—July and Temporary DHWS plant from July—September.  All DHWS services were kept live. 

The existing boosted cold-water provision was replaced with two packaged booster rooms in the William Morris pump room and the William Morris main plantroom.

The William Morris main plantroom was connected to the pump room in an opposite building to the main plantroom via pre-insulated steel pipework buried underground then entering an underground tunnel finishing in the pump room.

The two 20,000 thermal stores were located externally to the main plantroom and suitably insulated and covered to protect against adverse weather and heat loss.

The whole system was converted from an open vented system to a sealed system.  Existing MCWS tanks were removed and all systems pressurized. 

The Armstrong Siddeley Energy Centre

Project constraints

A live college environment which is operational 24hrs as this plantroom served heating and hot water to the Lanchester Library.

Shutdowns were limited due to the nature of the building being open 24hrs a day but these were achieved in the early hours to limit any disruption to the library

Restricted site access required diligent planning and regular stakeholder meetings to ensure zero disruption to campus operations.

There was a requirement to work very close to existing landscaping. Envirotech worked closely with the university grounds team to avoid any potential damage that could have been caused due to the works planned.

Commendation from Lee Hatton at Coventry University:

Thank you to the entire Envirotech Group for all the hard work in completing The Energy Centre.


Lee Hatton  |  Senior Mechanical Engineer |  Estate Development
Coventry University, Alma Building, Alma Street, COVENTRY, CV1 5QA